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A+ Dance Academy Cycle Shorts(PYTSM427SK427)

A+ Dance Academy Cycle Shorts(PYTSM427SK427)

Black cycle shorts with A+Dance Academy logo on leg  


We AIM to print and despatch products within 14 Working Days (Working days do not include Saturday and Sundays, taking processing times to nearly 3 weeks) Processing times heavily depend on supplier stock and supply many of which have been heavily impacted due to COVID-19


Fabric: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane single Jersey

Weight; 280gsm


Child Waist Sizes

5/6 22" 7/8 23" 9/10 24.5" 11/12 26"

Adult Waist Sizes

8 M 10 L 12 XL 14 



Kids fashion cycling shorts.

Soft elastic jacquard waistband.

Non-transparent stretch polyester fabric


  • Garment Care Instructions

    Decorated Garment Care Instructions

    ● Turn garment ins