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Majorette Baton

Majorette Baton

Majorette Baton with White Tips 



Using a cloth measuring tape, measure from the the under-arm to the end of the middle finger -  the result is your suggested baton length. If the number falls between lengths, size up. 


  • Twirling baton / majorette baton
  • Professionally weighted and balanced for optimal performance
  • Rubber ends with original design and equal weight (+/- 3g)
  • Rubber ends made of durable, satin matt material
  • Color: black, white, pink, blue, red, purple
  • Length 36cm ≈ 14", 41cm ≈ 16", 46cm ≈ 18", 51cm ≈ 20", 56cm ≈ 22", 61cm ≈ 24",, 67cm ≈ 26",  72cm ≈ 28", 76cm ≈ 30"
  • Baton shaft is chrome-plated steel - reflective and shiny, standard 3/8 inch diameter (10mm)
  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting (Anti-piercing tips, Bonded terminals are protected against sliding tube)



  • Additional Delivery Time

    Our supplier is currently taking a minimum of 4 weeks, this time may be increased due to Royal Mail strikes and courier bag logs. Please bear this in mind when ordering

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